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"The people of the world have a right to know about what could be the greatest scientific discovery in the history of mankind."

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Posted 3 weeks ago by Enki

A billion dollars is a lot of money to come from some anonymous source. But the truth is, it's nothing compared to the total cost of the kind of mission XRI says they're doing. Curiosity cost NASA 2.5 billion, and that was just to get to Mars.

Getting a rocket to near light speed for ten years to another solar system would cost orders of magnitude more.

XRI's not making any profit anywhere. They don't have products. They don't seem to have contracts or clients. Where's this money coming from?

Well here's something. What about IRAQ? What about $12 billion that just disappeared? [http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2007/feb/08/usa.iraq1] Flown over, never to be seen again? Unlikely. An EXCUSE. The government's funnelling it to XRI, and covering it up big time.

They think we're not ready to know about the aliens. They think they're protecting us — or they're hoping to profit off it. What's a bunch of nukes in Iran if they have alien weapons?

Well guess what, Washington. WE KNOW.

Posted last month by Enki

A reader sent us this photograph, with a note that said, simply, "From inside XRI."

A code? Government, perhaps? Is XRI creating a code for someone — or trying to break it? Where did it come from?

I'll tell you what it is. XRI has gotten their hands on a government code and are trying to break it — FOR THEIR MYSTERIOUS DONOR. They're doing it for the ALIENS. To let them in on government secrets. To let them TAKE OVER.

Posted last month by Enki

QUIC-BIT — XRI's so-called "quantum communication" technology. According to them, Cavendish discovered it over TWENTY years ago. And yet, the rest of the world's scientists are still years away from achieving this kind of technology.

Cavendish never published any articles about his findings. There was little press. WHY? Why keep such an amazing discovery quiet?

There's only one reason not to publish something like this in a scientific journal: his methods were LESS THAN ETHICAL. Furthermore, he wants to keep too many eyes from looking at the tech itself. Why?

It's obvious. The technology ISN'T HUMAN. Cavendish discovered alien science that allowed him to "create" quantum communication — and then get "funded" by the SAME ALIENS to start the Extrasolar program.

What do they want? They want us to take part in their little program, that's for sure. Well we know better.

Posted 4 months ago by Enki

One of our readers sent us this article. With some digging, we were able to confirm that Noam Jemison was an employee of XRI.

Not the first XRI employee to die recently. Coincidence? Or a happy accident for Cavendish? What did Jemison know?

Posted 5 months ago by Enki

One of our readers pointed us towards this: http://rense.com/general70/trill.htm $3.3 trillion that the Pentagon can't account for. And get this:

"Total undocumented accounting adjustments for reported periods for the Department of Defense [and HUD for fiscal 1998-2000] amount to a whopping $3.3 trillion, or $11,700 for every American. The Department of Defense has failed to produce independent audited financial statements since the requirement went into effect in 1995."


"[The Pentagon] continues to confront pervasive and complex financial management problems and has been on our list of high-risk areas vulnerable to waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement since 1995 ."

1995: When XRI's mysterious donor came out of NOWHERE with a billion dollars.

Is this the money that ended up in XRI's coffers? It makes sense. After all, only the government is insidious enough to cover up the paper trail for a billion dollars. Only the government's $164-billion defecit in 1995 is big enough for another billion to just fall through the cracks.

What's our dear government hiding from us this time? This is Roswell all over again. They knew there was a planet there with life on it — they went right for it.

We've been contacted, people. We've been working with alien intelligence for 65 years.

Don't be a part of it. Stay away from extrasolar.com or you'll be the alien's first target.

Posted 7 months ago by Enki

Two years ago, XRI employee Cassandra Maridian died — supposed of a heart attack. That's what they want us to believe, anyway.

But all reports indicate Maridian was a healthy woman, at the prime of her career. Heart attacks aren't random, people. She must have discovered something she wasn't meant to know. Just look at the language Cavendish himself uses in the memoriam -- "She always asked the tough questions, and refused to take the easy answers -- and she refused to let me have them. She kept me honest."

She was killed. XRI is keeping their secrets from their own employees, and are willing to off anyone who learns too much. But we're onto them. We know that they're being funded by aliens, and they WON'T be able to shut us up.

Don't get sucked into their dangerous secrets. Stay away from extrasolar.com.

Posted 11 months ago by Enki

XRI expects us to believe that someone gave them a billion dollars — OR MORE — for their work. And won't give up their identity. Who's so scared of being known for funding so-called scientific research? Who is this donor?

I'll tell you who it is. An alien. It comes from Epsilon Eridani e. It's obvious. How else would XRI know there was a planet there?

We've been contacted. We have aliens living among us, people. Don't give them your support. Don't be part of the conspiracy.

Posted last year by Enki

So in '95, XRI gets a billion-dollar investment from an anonymous source. Who is this person? Where did the money come from?

We looked into it. There's always a paper trail. But here? Nothing. Not a SINGLE piece of evidence that any money ACTUALLY went anywhere. It simply doesn't exist.

Is it a LIE? Some PR move by XRI? Maybe they never actually developed this technology, never launched a rocket towards another planet. There's no trace of the money, no evidence any of it really happened.

It's all a ruse. A ruse to get you involved in their little web of lies, this crowd-sourced exploration. A fake, all of it.

Don't let yourself get trapped. Don't let yourself get implicated. Stay away from extrasolar.com.

Posted last year by Enki

This week, the so-called "eXoplanetary Research Institute" announced that ten years ago they LAUNCHED A PROBE into space that travelled at CLOSE TO LIGHT SPEED and arrived at a previously UNKNOWN planet called "Epsilon Eridani e."

Where did they come from? Who are these people?

The guy behind it is Gordon Cavendish, a physicist-turned-corporate overlord, who out of nowhere supposedly invented faster-than-light communication back in the 90's. And we never heard anything about it — sure there was a bit of press, but scientific journals? Peer review? As if. No proof, no nothing. Why? Was he just keeping it to himself to protect the patent? Is he a fraud? Or did he have a more nefarious purpose?

Then we learn that in 1995, XRI gets a BILLION dollars from an ANONYMOUS donor. To do what? Research? Like we're supposed to believe some rich guy just had a billion dollars lying around to give to a scientist?

And then we didn't hear from them or the billion dollars for FIFTEEN YEARS. And suddenly they have a spaceship arriving at a planet no one knew existed. TEN light-years away.

Do they think we're stupid? Are we supposed to be EXCITED about this? Not with this many unanswered questions.

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